Prithviraj Raso – Mahakavi Chand Bardai Krit, 4 vols. (Hindi Anuwad Sahit

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महाकवि चन्द बरदाई कृत पृथ्वीराज रासो
Author : Kaviraj Mohan Singh
Language : Hindi
Edition : 2018
Publisher : RG GROUP

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Prithviraj Raso by Mahakavi Chand Bardai is the best poetic composition in Raso literature. It would be fair for him to say that his form has been changing from time to time, due to which many complications arise in deciding the time of his creation on the basis of language. Despite this, it is a very mature composition from the point of view of poetry. The work of translation and editing of such an important epic could be done only by a person of learned personality like Kavirao Mohan Singh. will get.Kavirao Mohan Singh not only edited the book, but made the book accessible to the common readers in four volumes by doing semantics and Hindi translation. In reading this book, the Chauhan caste will feel proud of the actions of their ancestors, while others will also get a chance to know about the Chauhan caste.1470

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