Veervar Jaymal Mertiya

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वीरवर जयमल मेड़तिया
Author : Jahoor Khan Mehar (जहूर खान मेहर)
Language : Hindi
Publisher : RG GROUP

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Despite Colonel James Todd’s confession of having a war like ‘Thermopalli’ and warriors like ‘Leonidas’ in every state of Rajasthan, Veervar Jaimal Mertiya seems to be the best in all of them. Jaimal always had to fight with emperors like Maldev and Akbar who were many times richer than him in terms of military power and resources. The Maldev from which Jaimal almost
Fought 22 battles, he was 10 times more than Jaimal in military strength, then the means of Jodhpur were more than Merta. The second opponent of Jaimal Mertiya, Akbar was the owner of the most resourceful and vast military corps of all Asia


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