Rajputi wedding poshak / rajputi bridal poshak

Rajputi wedding poshak / rajputi bridal poshak

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Everyone of us has a different style and taste in  fashion. Fashion is a big part of a women’s life. When social gathering festivals and weedings traditional out-fit  is the first choice  of every Indian women. Here I introduce  you  to a traditional  out-fit of rajputi ladies is called traditional rajputi poshak’. You have already seen the royal out-fit in the bollywood films and t.v serials based on history of rajasthan  have show the royal look of king and queens. Like jodha-akbar. Padmavat . is this a traditional  drees of rajputi culture. ‘no’ in the movies and serial  shows some pasts of rajputi poshak.this is the traditional rajputi poshak. in the pic.

Rajputi  ladies  wear this tradition dress proudly. It makes you a royal look. Like a queen, and princess. Rajputi poshak is a set of four pieces. Kurti, kanchali, ghagra and odhani. Now I am telling you about how to waer A rajputi dress.

This is kanchali,  the part of inner wear of poshak that covers up top body of womens.

Kurti is worn on the kanchali .the kurti c overs the body from neckline to the waist. Kurti is a sleeveless top and kanchali comes with sleeves. now the most beautiful part, that is ghara. Ghara is wear below kurti, pic below show a ghagra with jordoji ,aari and salma dabka hand   work.

                .                                                                                       and  fainally odhani, this is designed with different kind of work. Pic shows pyor odhani, with                work in  combination of red colour             .there are many types of odhanies such as cotton, pyor,and semi pyor,half pyor.pyor odhni is so soft that you have to  care while carrying pyor odhanies.

                                                                                                                               Pyor rajputi poshaks are not washable,only can  be   dry cleans.pyor and half pyor odhanies  carry on the heavy poshak while cotton odhanies wear everyday or light work rajputi dress.there are various types of poshak based on work and  materias. I will introduce the types in the next post.a good work rajputi poshak can be purched starting from 5000 upto 12000 and most heavy work wear in wedding for rajputi bride wouid cost around 50,000 and more. These poshaks are costly because it cantain cost of material and cost of work. Poshak can also be made up of silver work ,gold work and they are very expensive wear in wedding. They can be made on order by coustomers choice.A semi pyor poshak can be available in range of 3000 to 5000. If you like to buy  a poshakjust ask in comment  or massage and contect on;rohida.in …………… stiching facility also available.

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